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Our senior section

The club fields two Saturday XI's in the fourth division of the South Wales Cricket Association. Each team in the Association has to field a 1st and 2nd XI in order to be members. The league is structured so that both teams play in the same division with 1st and 2nd XI competitions. This means that when the first XI is at home to a side the second XI will be away to the same team.

If the 1st XI win the championship or are promoted then the second XI also moves up a division. If the 1st XI are relegated then the same applies to the 2nd XI even if they win their championship.

The club did not enter the League until 1967 but almost had immediate success as they ended their first season in second place in the fourth division. The following season they made up for their disappointment by winning the 4th division title and gaining promotion to division 3.

They remained there until 1980 when they were relegated back to division 4. In 1981 they bounced back by winning 4th division championship. In 1984 they narrowly missed out on promotion to division 2 when they ended up in the runners-up spot. They finally made it to division 2 in 1986 when they won the third division championship, but they were immediately relegated the following season when they ended up in 9th place and fell victim to a rule change which saw two up two down introduced for the first time since the SWCA was formed in 1926. There have been many outstanding performances in the years that have followed. Noteably the 166 scored by Phil Williams in the match against Clydach 1st XI in 1995 and the 8-17 by Tony Lewis against Bronwydd 1st XI in 1999, which beat the previous best of 8-19 by Barrie Peregrine against Metal Box in 1986. For more information on club records just click on the link opposite. Phil Williams' record has been beaten three times in the last three years, firstly by Craig Richards with 175 v Hendy 1st XI on 15th May 2010.  This was bettered by Rhys Harries with 178no v Kidwelly 1st XI on 4th June 2011, and he again beat this score with one of 184 against the same opposition on the 28th July 2012.


Honours Board

South Wales Cricket Association

1st XI

Division 3 Champions - (The Glamorgan County Cricket Club Cup) - 1986
Division 4 Champions - (South Wales Daily Post Cup Winners) - 1968 & 1981
Division Five Champions - (The Ron Williams Trophy) - 2008

2nd XI

Division 3 Champions - (The D.A.L. Cup Winners) - 1985
Division 4 Champions - (The Keller Jenkins Trophy Winners) - 1981
Division 5 Champions - (The P N Charles Trophy) - 2007
Division 4 Champions - (The Keller Jenkins Trophy Winners) - 2013


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