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Player Profiles

Name: Gareth "Edward" Smith (OBE)
Age: 28
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Factory Worker
Children: None that I know of
Nickname: Stavros
Batting Position: Middle Order
Best Batting: 88 (Midweek XI)
Bat Used: Gray Nicholl
Bowling Action: Left Arm Spin
Bowling Speed: Slow
Best Bowling:  
Previous Clubs:  
Cricket Hero: Mark Thomas
Best Achievement in Cricket Player of the Year for 2nd XI
Best Cricket Ground played at: Felinfoel
Worst Cricket Ground played at: Llandeilo
Other Sports Played: Rugby
Favourite Food: Nandos
Favourite Drink: Lager
Favourite Band: Red Hot Chilly Peppers
Favourite FIlm: Shaw Shank Redemption

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