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1st XI Averages 2014

Batting Statistics
Club: Felinfoel Cricket Club Team: Felinfoel Cricket Club 1st XI
Match Type: League2014
Player: All
S Parmenter1614545550.5680*2043.8349023.779000
R Harries1312239939.901071181.1061322.743002
T Jones1411421030.00531095.8925914.163000
S Davies1511220022.2270*10102.0429712.7613000
A Thomas1611218820.89450044.7623111.852740
G Smith105112230.5051*1073.9414414.542000
C Harding136211328.2548*0070.6313312.675000
R Jones9406215.50370036.90608.914000
J Evans15404711.75240054.65709.202000
C Griffiths440389.501200115.15807.040000
R Bowen850357.00170053.03404.240000
R Brown730144.6760050.00013.933001
A Matthias1452124.005*0046.15201.814000
C Jenkins22155.0050071.43101.520000
N Jones42052.5050035.71001.620000
R James21033.0030023.08001.970000
M Horgan32133.003*0033.33001.090000
S Bibby4222n/a2*0018.18000.940300
S Johns5111n/a1*00100.00000.472000


Bowling Statistics
Club: Felinfoel Cricket Club Team: Felinfoel Cricket Club 1st XI
Match Type: League2014
Player: All
NameMOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo ballsAvgEcon.S/r5whBest
J Evans15168.2364863610(11)2(2)13.502.8928.3925-23
S Parmenter16109.316348317(14)15(15)11.233.1821.9015-40
A Matthias14131.042324163(4)3(3)20.252.4749.5003-20
G Smith1039.111118123(4)1(1)9.833.0119.9204-34
R Brown737.0411883(3)0(0)14.753.1928.1302-1
T Jones1434.0314141(1)0(0)35.254.1551.2502-33
S Johns517.024920(0)0(0)24.502.8851.0002-19
C Harding1314.053722(2)0(0)18.502.6443.0001-13
A Thomas168.013912(2)0(0)39.004.8850.0001-39
R Bowen89.207411(1)2(2)74.007.9359.0001-5
M Horgan31.001500(0)0(0)n/a15.00n/a00-15
R Harries132.00400(0)0(0)n/a2.00n/a00-4
Batting Partnerships Statistics
Club: Felinfoel Cricket Club Team: Felinfoel Cricket Club 1st XI
Match Type: League2014
Team stats
1stFelinfoel Cricket Club 1st XI30/08/1485(209)100S Parmenter*41(87)
v Landore CC 1st XIR Jones37(115)
2ndFelinfoel Cricket Club 1st XI23/08/14158(179)92R Harries*92(94)
v Dyffryn C.C. 1st XIS Parmenter40(80)
3rdFelinfoel Cricket Club 1st XI16/08/1471(79)39S Parmenter*15(35)
v Llandeilo C.C. 1st XIT Jones53(43)
4thFelinfoel Cricket Club 1st XI05/07/1480(80)40R Harries*27(36)
v Llandarcy C.C. 1st XIA Thomas45(42)
5thFelinfoel Cricket Club 1st XI05/07/14*63(46)24R Harries*12(17)
v Llandarcy C.C. 1st XIG Smith*51(29)
6thFelinfoel Cricket Club 1st XI19/07/1456(58)37S Davies*38(31)
v Neath CC 3rd XIG Smith8(25)
7thFelinfoel Cricket Club 1st XI28/06/1448(99)53A Thomas*14(53)
v Landore CC 1st XIC Harding28(46)
8thFelinfoel Cricket Club 1st XI12/07/1428(28)3J Evans*9(12)
v Great Western CC 1st XIC Harding19(16)
9thFelinfoel Cricket Club 1st XI14/06/1456(82)38C Harding*29(28)
v Llandeilo C.C. 1st XIJ Evans24(53)
10thFelinfoel Cricket Club 1st XI14/06/14*16(20)1C Harding*10(7)
v Llandeilo C.C. 1st XIA Matthias*5(13)

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